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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The laser marking machine is designed for leaving black or colorful marks, such as bar codes, QR codes, logos, letters, and numbers, on various material surfaces. A fiber laser marker machine is mainly for marking metals, steel, aluminum, gold, platinum, etc. A CO2 laser marker is good at leaving marks on non-metal materials, like wood, plastic, acrylic, glass, paper, cardboard, etc.

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What is a Laser Marking Machine?

A laser marking machine is a laser machine that uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on material surfaces. Sometimes, people also refer to it as the laser engraving machine, laser printing machine, or laser etching machine. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material. So the exquisite patterns, trademarks, texts, or codes will reveal. Such laser engraving machine is mainly used on some occasions that require finer and higher precision marking.
Based on the machine size, the laser marker includes the portable laser marking machine, the portable laser engraving machine, laser engraver handheld, hobby laser engraver, and desktop laser marker.
According to the laser source, the laser etching machines mainly include three types as described below.

3 popular laser markers recommendation

Fiber laser marking machine

It refers to the laser engraving machine using a fiber laser source. The fiber laser etching machine is mainly used to leave marks on most metal and some plastic and rubber materials. So it is also called the best laser engraver for metal, laser engraving machine for metal, laser engraver for metal, or the laser engraving machine on metal.
It has advantages of good beam quality, long service life, high photoelectric conversion rate, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The fiber laser engraving machine for metal is mainly used in the fields with high requirements on marking depth, smoothness, and accuracy. It has wide applications in the industries of 3C, automotive, medical equipment, electronic components, IT, hardware, tooling, gold and silver jewelry, etc.

CO2 laser marking machine

It refers to the laser engraving & cutting machine using a CO2 laser. It adopts the post-focusing method, which has the characteristics of small size and a high degree of integration. This type of laser printing machine is suitable for marking and engraving most non-metallic materials. For instance, paper, plastic, non-metallic labels, leather fabrics, glass ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo, wood, PCB boards, etc.

UV laser marking machine

The ultraviolet laser marker is equipped with a deep UV laser. It is a good laser for engraving metal and non-metal materials. It has the features of high electro-optical conversion rate, long service life, stable operation, high positioning accuracy, and marking efficiency. 
The UV laser engraver for metal and non-metal can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It has wide usage in making marks on high-end electronic products, cables, cellphone accessories, food, PVC pipes, medicine packages. And also PCB board, metal surface clad layer, construction material, plastic, etc. The portable laser engraver is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects.

Why choose a laser marking machine?

Traditional marking methods include pneumatic marking, electro-erosion, screen printing, and inkjet printers. Compared with the above, laser etching machines have been chosen by more and more users due to the following advantages.
  1. Laser marking processing is used for optical contact instead of mechanical contact. And it has no mechanical stress. So it is especially suitable for high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point, and high precision working. For example, the fiber laser engraving machine can mark cemented carbide, solar wafers, precision bearings, etc.
  2. Laser marking processing also has the characteristics of high energy density, small heat-affected zone, small thermal deformation, small thermal stress, etc. It will not affect the internal electrical performance.
  3. The marks made by a laser engraving machine for metal are permanent and not easily erased. They have no deformation and falling-off. It is suitable for the anti-counterfeiting of goods and meets the requirements of product traceability.
  4. The laser engraving & cutting machine adopts a numerical control system, which is easy to configure and modify. And it can realize the requirements of a unique product code. It is suitable for custom processing, with small-batch and multi-batch processing.
  5. With a delicate marking effect and high precision, it can improve the product grade and increase the added value. The line width can be as small as 10um, and the depth can be less than 10um. Laser etching machines can leave tiny marks with high precision.
  6. The laser for engraving metal and non-metal materials has low consumption and no pollution. So it is energy-saving and environmental protection. Our portable laser engraver fully meets the European environmental standards and GMP requirements.
  7. Laser etching machines and laser engraving & cutting machines are suitable for flexible marking processing. You can make custom marks on your products.

Parameters of the laser marking machine

Different laser etching machines and laser engraving & cutting machines have different parameters. Therefore, you can choose any 30w-80w laser power of the laser marker. Besides, you can also customize the suitable making area according to your processing needs. Moreover, the marking speed of the laser printing machine can reach 7000mm/s. And its marking depth is about 5mm.

5 factors affecting the laser marking machine price


We all know that the prices of laser etching machines in different brands vary greatly. Famous or well-known brands tend to use high-quality machine parts to ensure product quality and maintain their reputation. So the fiber laser engraving machines of famous brands usually have a higher price than non-famous ones.


With different configurations, the laser marking machine price is naturally different. People may choose common, domestic, or imported kits or parts for their fiber laser engraving machine. Thus, the laser etching machine price using high-quality or imported parts is higher than the one using common parts. In addition, the machine size or effective working size can also affect the price of the laser marker. For example, the price of a laser engraver handheld, a portable laser engraving machine, or a mini laser engraver is relatively low.

Machine types

The prices of different laser markers are also different. We need to analyze the material type, marking content, and marking effect to choose a suitable laser engraver.

Laser marking power

The fiber laser engraver for marking can choose the laser power among 30W, 50W, and 80W. And the CO2 laser power for marking can be 20W, 30W, and 60W, and the UV laser power 3W, 5W, etc. The greater the laser marking power, the higher the laser engraving machine price.

After-sales service

Generally speaking, the better the after-sales service, the higher the laser engraving machine price. After-sales service generally includes the replacement of marking machine parts, marking machine maintenance methods, marking machine upgrades, and so on. The perfect after-sales service makes users more assured.

How to choose the right laser marking machine?

Marking materials

The first thing to consider is the marking materials. Generally, a fiber laser engraving machine is mainly for marking most metal materials and some plastic and rubber materials. Thus, it also is known as a metal etching machine, such as the laser engraver for metal, laser etcher for metal, best laser engraver for metal, and the laser engraving machine on metal. The CO2 laser marker is mainly for non-metal materials, and the UV laser marking is selected for special materials.

Working table size

First, we must understand that the work table size is not the bigger the better. Because some laser machines have unstable average laser output at each point on a large format. And the marking products on the same table have different depths. This may affect the marking effect. We must choose the suitable laser engraving portable machine format according to the size of your marking materials.

Specific process requirements

Laser marking can be subdivided into more specific processing techniques, like plane marking, 3D marking, fixed marking, flying marking, and etching. Therefore, users must inform the laser etching machine manufacturer of their detailed processing requirements before purchasing. Many suppliers can also customize the laser marker based on your specific needs.

Laser machine manufacture qualifications

When choosing a laser marker, users tend to focus on the contract and price, ignoring the supplier’s qualifications. It is likely to lead to unnecessary troubles for future work. There are many laser machine manufacturers on the market, so it is necessary to do some investigations. A good laser machine manufacturer shall have certain production and delivery capacity. Besides, they should gain multiple relevant certifications and have a high customer satisfaction degree.

Related services

The competition in the laser industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Except for the product quality and price, customers shall also learn more about the services related to the machine. Good laser manufacturers offer a complete service system, including pre-sales, during-sales, and after-sales. Among them, customers usually pay much attention to the after-sales service. It can help customers solve any problems encountered in the installation, testing, and operation.

DIY laser marking machine or buy a small laser engraving machine?

With the rapid development of laser industries, DIY laser markers and small laser printers have gained more popularity these days. DIY laser printing machines usually only apply to the home laser or the desktop laser marking near me. Features of the DIY laser marker and printer include simple structure, practical usage, and low cost. However, DIY laser machines require the CNC basic knowledge and hands-on ability. Besides, it takes you more time to buy all the needed parts.
A small laser engraving machine is a great choice for those handicraft lovers and small studios. For example, if you want to mark some graphics and text on the metal panels, you can buy a mini laser etching machine for metal or a small laser metal etching machine. Also, if you intended to mark and print the small non-metallic work, I recommend you to purchase a laser engraver handheld, a portable laser marking machine, or a laser engraving portable machine. They are small in size, take up little space, and are easy to operate.
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